Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scriptural Science?

Scriptural Science is a phrase we have coined to describe the process of reading your scriptures and continuing to become a wiser, more educated, contributing member of society. It has at its base the premise that all learning can be done from a scriptural foundation and that all truth, whether spiritual or secular, testifies of Christ and the plan of Salvation. This website is dedicated to answering this question and helping readers continue in their pursuit of these virtues. We invite you to browse around and we hope you can find things that are a benefit to you and your family.

How is Scripture Based Scientific Research done?

Scripture Based Scientific Research (SBSR), or Scriptural Science for short, is the process of reaching out into higher learning from a scriptural foundation. In its simplest form it is just a matter of making a habit of daily, personal scripture study and then making the practice of "search, ponder, and pray" a regular part of that daily habit. Add to this some form of continuing education or regular professional reading and you have what we call Scriptural Science. Many prophets, ancient and modern, have prophesied a day when great temporal knowledge will be poured down upon God's Saints. We believe this will come as we truly lay hold upon the scriptures and couple this with real, scholarly education built on the foundation of the Word of God. Our goal is to create tools that facilitate easier access to topical chapter reading; tools to help serious students and professionals better access technical literature; and tools that allow young scholars a forum for developing new and exciting theories that contribute to the world's growing knowledge base.

Why is Scriptural Science necessary?

Dropping our phrase we have coined for a moment, the real question is three fold: 1) Why do we need to read our scriptures every day? 2) Why do we need to gain more secular knowledge. And, 3) why do we need to base our learning on the scriptures? We will address these individually and hopefully the connection will be obvious.

As children of God, we believe that daily scripture study is an important part of coming to know and love our Father. Latter-Day Saints are repeatedly urged to make a habit of daily scripture study. Anciently, the kings of Israel were specifically commanded to read in the Law daily (Deut. 17:19). With the luxuries and opportunities of today, it is no wonder that many ancient prophets referred to us as kings. They had seen our day in visions and dreams and they knew our conveniences and opportunities for learning. In the incredibly developed society of today we surely need the guidance of a loving Father more than has ever been needed in the past. We could say we need to do it because it is a commandment, but a better way of putting it would be that a loving Father saw that we would need extra help maneuvering the challenges of our day and therefore gave us an incredible canon of scripture, his loving words, to help us get home.

As with scripture study, many prophets have also admonished us to get all the education we can. One reason is that it opens doors for us in the future. Another important reason is it increases our ability to serve. If we really want to bless our society we need to truly become professionals and we need to contribute. As we really master our professions and find ways to share our knowledge through professional publications and through sharing our knowledge with the public we will gain a greater love for our own professions and we will contribute to a better world. A final reason we need to continue reaching out into higher learning is the simple reality that an ignorant people are easier to oppress. If we want to remain free we must understand and guard our freedoms. Education has always been a major pursuit of the greatest men of every society. We can never become powerful, contributing citizens in ignorance.

Finally, we reach the subject of choosing our foundation. From the beginning of man there have been many competing ideas regarding this planet and how it works. These range from the divine to the absurd. In the LDS Book of Mormon we learn of an ancient prophet who was shown a allegorical vision representing this life. In the vision he saw a great building full of people that were laughing and ridiculing Christians. The building was large and spacious and full of finery. The prophet observed that the building had no foundation and later saw the building fall and crumble (1 Nephi 8). This imagery is very profound. We can build on Christ, a foundation whereon we can withstand all the fiery and terrible experiences of a fallen earth, or we can build on some other foundation. We believe these truths are as applicable to our secular studies as they are to our personal prayer life. We believe that God has either told us directly how it all happened or how it all works or that he has woven those truths into a beautiful tapestry of guiding principles which are there in the scriptures waiting for us to truly search them out. Another Book of Mormon prophet spoke of the unsearchable depth of the scriptures and how God is ready to teach us how it all works, even on secular subjects (Jacob 4).

We believe we have figured out some tools that can really help people lay hold upon the word and get more out of their scripture study. We also believe we can help students span the gap between textbook reading and true scholarly publications such as peer-reviewed archival journals. With these we hope to build bridges between spiritual and secular learning that will help Christians, even from lay backgrounds, really contribute to the expanding body of knowledge God is pouring out from heaven.

How is Scriptural Science different than my daily scripture study I already do?

Scriptural Science is not different than daily scripture study. Daily scripture study is a vital element of Scriptural Science. If you have a daily habit of reading and studying your scriptures and you regularly take time to pray and meditate as taught in basic LDS doctrine you are already doing what we are talking about. Scriptural Science is just a phrase we have coined but it is essentially just "search, ponder, and pray". We hope we can help you in this, but really all our Scripture Research Tools are only designed to encourage and support Members and good Christians everywhere in their efforts to make effective scripture study a part of their daily routine. Please see our page on "SBSR" for more on the "Science" part of the phrase.